Most Definitely NSFW: The 'BUCKWILD' Cast Share Their Histories Together [Video]

Their Friday nights might go a little differently than yours (unless there's an 18-wheeler-turned-pool in your yard), but the history shared among the "BUCKWILD" cast may strike you as familiar. AshleyTyler and the rest of the West Virginia crew's friendships/rivalries began long before the show. They share memories of pee-wee sports and have even seen couples (or, at least hookups) materialize over the years. So who's chummy with who, and who...isn't? Glad you asked:

In the collection of interviews below, some of the initial dots are connected. "When we come around, there's nothing but explosions," Shain explains of his dynamic with his childhood best bud, JoeyKatie and Anna, who first met in middle school, go pretty far back as well. And though Shae says Southern girls--like she and Salwa--try to keep out of drama's way, footage of what's to come seems to speak to the contrary. Parking lot fight FTW!

Oh, plus Tyler "f***** the sh** out of" Ashley. Good to know, we guess?

For more background from the cast members, check out the video. And be sure to tune in to the "BUCKWILD" premiere on Thursday, January 3 at 10/9c.

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