French Bulldogs May Be Cute, But Chelsea's Dad Says Their Farts Are Deadly

Cuteness alert! Just us, or did Frankie, Chelsea's new French bulldog, totally steal the show on Monday's "Teen Mom 2"? Chels adopted the teensy butterball after getting tired of feeling lonely, and it worked like a charm. (A face like that can pretty much cure all.)

After seeing the pup on screen, Chelsea's fellow cast member, Kailyn, got quite the case of dog envy. "Last night @ChelseaHouska made me want a French Bulldog even more," she tweeted. Right there with ya, Kail--there's a Frenchie-shaped hole in our hearts that only a Frankie clone could fix!

We hear from Chelsea's dad, Randy, that the mini-bulldogs are a calm breed, which means they're probably good with kids, but there is one slight drawback. Or maybe not so slight, depending on your sense of smell. Randy later added a footnote about Chelsea's current Frenchie, Betsy: "but her farts (Betsy's, not Chels) will peel paint off ur wall."

You've now got a choice to make, folks. Get yourself a furry cuddle buddy identical to Frankie and risk possible death-by-gas-inhalation, or opt for a goldfish. (As if there should be any debate...)

Check out this precious video clip of Frankie, and squee away!

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