Vinny Tops Off Pauly D's Shape-Up With A Striptease [Bonus Scene]

Vinny's hairstyling skills might not be on par with the pros, but at least he's stricken the Friar Ron look from his repertoire. Pauly D, the man with the world's most famous (and maybe only) blowout, needs some shaping up in the "Jersey Shore" bonus scene below, and despite Vin's trail of bad haircuts, the DJ decides to give his platonic life-mate another shot.

"You might be wearing a hat tonight," Vinny warns as he readies his clippers to strike. Still, with a steady hand and some intense concentration, Vin manages to not f*** up the back of Pauly's head too disastrously. (Pay no attention to Mike-The-Peanut-Gallery giggling in the corner--ya done good, kid!) But the haircut isn't the end of it. In a bold customer service move, Vinny gives Pauly D the stripping routine he didn't know he wanted...just to make sure he's 100 percent satisfied. "Vinny definitely missed his calling--he should have been a stripper," Pauly says. Let's see if you agree:

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