Chelsea Blows Off Some Steam On Horseback [Bonus Scene]

Who knew Chelsea was an equestrian? In this bonus scene from last night's "Teen Mom 2," the young mother hops on horseback to escape her romantic troubles and relax a bit. First Dierks Bentley and now trail riding? If only all post-breakup activities were this fun!

"I love, love, love horses," Chelsea tells the trainer, confirming this is not her first time at the rodeo. "We had one for a little while, but then I got pregnant so I couldn't ride as often, so we had to sell him."

Chelsea appears totally in her element at the farm, and she plans on going back with her tot in tow. "I bet Aubree would love to look at [the horses]," she muses while imagining a mother-daughter day trip. The trainer suggests she take Aubs to meet the minis--we've got a wide-open slot on the blog for pics, Chels!

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