A Little Girl Struggles To Ditch Her Binky In Farrah Abraham's New Book, 'Passy Perfume'

Farrah Abraham's "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" track probably isn't fit as a goodnight lullaby, but her new book might be the perfect remedy for restless kiddies needing to catch some Zs. The teen mom recently penned "Passy Perfume" (with her daughter Sophia's help!), which is available for purchase today. Just in time for the holiday season!

The tale follows a little one who can't seem to kick her dreaded binky addiction. But when finally letting it go might mean getting her hands on some big-girl perfume, she finds the strength to say farewell to her favorite "passy." "It's what every female and child or parent wants--the perfect gift!" Farrah told InTouch about her new literary work, which includes narration by Sophia. It's been released on Kindle by her own F&S publishing house, but will be available in print in about three months.

+ So, will "Passy Perfume" find its way beneath your or a loved one's tree? Tell us if you plan to download a copy!

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Photo: Amazon.com