Chelsea On Her Breakup With Adam: Aubree And I 'Deserve Better' [Video]

By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Healthy relationships require communication, trust and compromise. If these qualities aren't present, sometimes it’s healthiest for the relationship to end and for both parties to go their separate ways. But as the moms on "Teen Mom 2" have shown, severing ties with an ex and moving on is way more complicated when a child is involved. Chelsea touches on one of the biggest complexities in Remote Control's interview below when she says "I want [Aubree] to know what it's like to have a family together."

With none of the "Teen Mom 2" moms currently married to their children's biological fathers, it should be no surprise that 9 months after the birth of a child, 80 percent of all teen mothers aren't married to their children’s fathers either. Additionally, more than half of teen mothers don’t live with the father, and many say they avoid each other completely. That makes for all kinds of stress--not on just the parenting front, but on their social life, too.

Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah all have contact with the fathers of their children, but they've also fought with their exes over new relationships, family responsibilities and money, to name just a few issues. Nationally, of the teen mothers who don’t live with their children’s fathers, nearly one out of every three says they've argued over those exact same topics.

The romantic relationship between Chelsea and Adam seems like it’s finally over, but since Adam will always be Aubree’s father, Chelsea can never completely cut him out of her life. This might make it even harder to meet someone new and build a lasting connection. Starting a new relationship should be fun and exciting, but adding an ex and a child definitely complicates things. For instance, Kailyn found love with Jordan after her breakup with Jo, and he wound up being great with Isaac. But now that they’re also broken up, she worries she may never find another guy who's just as understanding of her situation. Then there’s Leah, who is 19, divorced and the mother of twins. Imagine what she must be thinking as she begins to fall for Jeremy.

Relationships have enough drama at this stage of life without adding a child to the mix. If you and/or your partner aren't ready for parenthood yet, make a plan to avoid pregnancy--don’t leave it to chance. Check out for more information on all of the different methods of birth control, and find the one that makes the most sense for you. And, to hear from Chelsea on coming to terms with her breakup, check out the clip below.

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