Jenelle's 2004 Diary Entry Foreshadows Commotion To Come! [Photo]

A peek into Jenelle's young mind.

Jenelle Evans has been stirring up all sorts of Internet buzz lately because of a certain Ke$ha concert, not to mention her quickie marriage to Courtland Rogers. But it seems the "Teen Mom 2" cast member was always causing controversy! The above photo, which she tweeted this morning, is just a small glimpse into her 2004-dated diary that details some pre-teen scheming.

"Omg I just sent this pic to my mom lmfao a page out of my diary back in 2004 when I lived in PA and was 'grounded,'" she posted. The journal reads as follows:

"But anyways, me and my brother, Colin, took my cat, Molly, and threw him behind my chair, but Molly caught on to the plug and broke my grandmother's lamp! But we told my mom that Molly was just laying on the chair and fell behind it and broke."

This broken lamp scenario sounds like something straight out of a '90s sitcom. We wonder what Barb has to say about it, especially if Molly was wrongfully accused of the crime eight years ago. Could this new-found evidence exonerate her?

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Photo: @PBandJenelley_1