'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Is Leah Taking On Too Much?

At just 19, Leah from "Teen Mom 2" has been put through the ringer of life. Let's see...giving birth to twins, getting married, getting divorced, dealing with her daughter's health issues, putting herself through nursing school... Yup, we'd say that's quite a bit to chew on for any teen. Yet, despite every curve ball she's been thrown, the young mother has kept up good spirits and always puts her children first. She's willing to do whatever it takes to better herself and her family, but, with full-time classes and a budding romance, is she starting to take on too much?

On tonight's episode, as Leah was gearing up for her first day of full-time nursing school, thoughts of her new Facebook crush, Jeremy, buzzed around in the back of her head. She admitted that she gets "really serious, really fast" with the guys in her life, and it seems she's now worried she won't be able to control the pace of her new relationship.

Despite her concern, Leah and Jeremy went on a go-kart date--that was sealed with a kiss--the night before her first day of school. And then he sent a massive bouquet of flowers to her college, just to ensure she had a great first day. Uh, swoon much? No wonder she's so smitten with her maybe-beau.

+ What do you think: Is Leah piling on too much, too soon? Or is Jeremy a positive addition to her life? Take our poll!

Do you think Leah's taking on too much with school and Jeremy?

  • Yes, she should focus on school before she thinks about dating.
  • No, she's dealt with more stress in the past. She can handle it!

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