Rivoli's Leaves The 'Jersey Shore' Housemates In Dire Digestive Straits [Bonus Scene]

What are good friends for, if not to guide you like a shepherd through the worst of your constipation? In the "Jersey Shore" bonus scene below, Snooki acts as Deena's digestion coach after the baby shower brunch at Rivoli's has left her tummy in shambles. Ron has also fallen victim to the menu; however, he faces no trouble clearing out his gunked-up system.

"You eat at Rivoli's, you just have to use the bathroom," Ron says as he deals with the meal's aftermath. "I mean, the toilet was like Pearl Harbor and my ass was like Japan." How poetic! Deena then decides to try her luck in the loo, and Snooki, sensing her friend's discomfort, chimes in. "You know what helps? Do this!" the pregnant guidette suggests as she raises her arms above her head like she's making the big drop on the boardwalk's roller coaster. "And it plops right out." Sadly, Snooks' tip doesn't do squat for Deena. Remind us why Rivoli's is a house favorite?

Check out the clip, and tune in to an all new "Jersey Shore" this Thursday at 10/9c!

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