Deena Dubs Ronnie The 'Male Meatball' [Video]

Snooki gave up a lot when she became pregnant: partying, tanning and--most tragically--meatballing with Deena. Once Snooks was on the straight and narrow, her partner-in-crime was left to partake in "Jersey Shore" day-drinking adventures all alone, and, well, that didn't go so well. So, as of late in Seaside, she's been auditioning a number of lucky folks to fill the open slot. The perfect candidate was right under her nose all along, though, as she explains in the "Jersey Shore After Hours" clip below.

When host Amy Paffrath asks Deena which of her meatball prospects came the closest to making the grade, she answers pretty quickly. "Probably Ron. Ron's a good meatball!" And Vinny doesn't object, poking fun at his vertically-challenged pal: "He's 5 feet!"

Height maximum of 5'2" aside, everyone acknowledges that Ron can handle the day-to-night meatball party lifestyle, unlike his girlfriend. "I'm actually relieved, I can't hang," Sammi says of her own tryout. "They're from another planet, I'm telling you." Snooki, the original meatball, confirms it. "We're just aliens!" Merp.

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