That's What You Said...About 'Catfish' Matt's Onward-And-Upward Attitude

At first, it might have seemed like Matt of "Catfish" was a jerk for leading on his virtual-connection, Kim--he called her every so often and assured her of his feelings, but refused to meet her face to face. The story had all the makings of just another case of deceit, but once the two finally cast their keyboards aside and shook hands, viewers instantly took a liking to Matt and praised him for his openness, honesty and positive outlook. What kept him from meeting Kim sooner, he said, was an insecurity about his physical appearance. He later described his dissatisfaction in detail, as well as his weight loss progress, with Nev via Skype.

Matt's time on MTV has come to a close, but his nice-guy legacy has lived on among fans of "Catfish," who still buzz about him on the web. Take a look at what viewers (including one who seems to know Matt personally) had to say on Remote Control and Facebook below, and tell us what you think about Matt's story.

Remote Control:

"He's seriously one of the coolest dudes ever. Don't be afraid to come up to him in public--he's a teddy bear and likes hugs!" -- Mandy

"I absolutely love 'Catfish,' and the Matt and Kim story was my favorite so far." -- Brittany

"160 pounds--that's fantastic! Keep up the great work!" -- Jaqueline


"It took a ton of courage for him to meet her after all those years of being nervous to show his true self! He should feel very proud to have taken such a big step." -- Kelly R.

"This guy is awesome, and anybody would be lucky to have a guy like him in her life. He's such a sweetheart and he will find a girl who appreciates who he is, not take advantage of his kind heart." -- Laryssa M.

"I really liked Matt. He almost had me in tears telling his story, and Kim should have stayed with him there! He's a genuinely good guy!" -- Mandi M.

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