Stroll Down Memory Lane With This Original 'Real World: San Diego' Throwback [Photo]

Jacquese, Jamie, Robin and Charlie pose at the San Diego Zoo. 

We can barely remember what we ate for breakfast this morning, let alone what we were doing in 2004. (Maybe buying tickets to "Mean Girls"...and thinking Lindsay Lohan was the next Meryl Streep?) But Robin Hibbard--most famous for her bad luck on "The Challenge"--tweeted the above pic today, which brought us straight back to the original San Diego season of "Real World." And what a season it was!

"@jamiechung1 check out this old-school," Hibbard shared with her former housemate, Jamie Chung. Will you look at those baby faces? Robin and Jamie sure have come a long way since the days of living (and working on sailboats) in sunny San Diego. Jamie's taking Hollywood by storm, with roles on ABC's "Once Upon A Time" and in the upcoming "Hangover 3." Not too shabby for a girl picked to live in a house with seven strangers. And Robin's now a proud mom, often sharing photos of him--like this one--on Twitter. What a cutie!

Two different paths, both in a happy direction. Way to go, ladies!

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Photo: @RobinHibbard14

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