'The Challenge' Sneak Peek: Turkey's Out, Africa's In!

Just when everyone's been getting real comfy in their Turkish paradise, TJ decides to pull a fast one! (Hey, it wouldn't be a proper "Challenge" without a twist thrown in at the end.) Pack up your pink Speedos, kids, because we're all going to Africa! And in this sneak peek from the next episode, the handful of contestants left hypothesize about what's in store.

"Well there's no tigers... is there tigers? I don't know," Dustin wonders in a "BOTS" Confessional. Well, there are tigers in Africa, D, but not in the Nambian desert where you're headed. 'Sides, with a flag poised high on a sand dune, it seems like these guys will need to worry more about nature's elements, such as the blistering heat, rather than being eaten by wild cats. "As much as you wanna say, y'know 'I can handle all this,' everybody's scared," Chet says. No kidding!

+ So, what do you think the competitors are facing in Africa? Let us know after you check out the sneak peek!

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