Jenelle Evans' Ke$ha Obsession Inspires An Online Greeting Card

A Someecard user turned Jenelle's love of Ke$ha into a meme.

Jenelle's undying devotion to Ke$ha has taken the Internet by storm. During the now-infamous episode of "Teen Mom 2," we all saw the super fan stubbornly defend attending her idol's concert, when her lawyer suggested she serve time in the clink instead. This week, the artist herself gave Jenelle a "go grrl" shout-out for following through with the show. And yesterday, a meme was born.

"Teen Mom 2" castie, Kailyn, tweeted the e-card above, which highlights her friend's immense adoration for the pop superstar. "I would piss my pants if they made an ecard about me. Haahahah @PBandJenelley_1," Kail commented. Us, too! We're happy to see that Jenelle is in on the joke, as well. "Haha," she responded when another follower shared the same screenshot. Congrats, kiddo! When you become a meme, you know you've made it (on the Internet, at least!).

Relive Jenelle's confrontation with her lawyer, Dustin, below, and don't forget to watch "Teen Mom 2" Mondays at 10/9c!

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