Tyler & Tyler Get Roughed Up On The 'Teen Wolf' Set!

You should see the other guys.

Ouch! Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" has barely started filming, and the guys are already looking pretty battered (but still so cute)! Tyler Hoechlin shared the above pic to his Instagram today, with the caption "It happened again... @i_love_harveys." Hmmm...again? Perhaps they just finished transforming from their furrier alter egos back into Derek and Scott? But what's up with Tyler Posey's bloody mouth? We know the boys like to gnaw on stuff while wolfing out, but that is a lot of blood. Are you going all vampire on us, Jeff Davis?

Thank goodness the Tylers are tweeting set pics to satiate fan curiosities since we've still got some time until the Season 3 premiere. Just yesterday we teased a fierce looking photo of the new Alpha, Kali, who Davis promises will turn up the danger level. Now that we think about it, maybe she's the reason the boys are looking worse for wear!

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Photo: @tylerl_hoechlin