Snooki: Please Stop Talking About My Baby's Penis [Video]

Snooki's been silently hoping her housemates would become more involved with her pregnancy since Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" began, but tonight, she got a little bit more than she bargained for. The pregnant meatball's sonogram session essentially amounted to a public screening of her son's overdeveloped junk, and her whole crew had something to say about it. Guess we now know that some things do, in fact, make this guidette blush.

"That's my son's penis you're talking about!" Nicole spits at Vinny and Ronnie, who wisecrack away in the "Jersey Shore" Hook-up clip below. Nicole tells host Kenny Santucci that she was taken aback by how pronounced Lorenzo's member was, and adds that his zygote-testicles had her especially confused. Ron, ever the big brother, assures her that 'Enzo will eventually grow into them.

Another thing that had her stumped at the time was her housemates' insistence that Jionni wasn't around enough in her final trimester. She felt terrible that he got so much flak, saying, "Jionni doesn't get a break. Every season, there's something bad that goes on for him, and I feel bad."

Ron ultimately agrees, and says that in retrospect he might have taken his accusations overboard: "You can't really put yourself in someone else's shoes unless you're going through it. I don't know what it's like to be with a pregnant girl that's on a TV show."

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think the roommates have been unnecessarily harsh on Snooki's baby daddy.

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