Twitter Deems Danielle Fishel And Rider Strong Worthy Of Verification!

Personal Twit Pics from former "Boy Meets World" co-stars Fishel and Strong.

The cast of "Boy Meets World" is on Twitter, guys! Well, technically they've been on the social-networking hotspot for awhile now, but both Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong were "verified" just this week, effectively reinstating them as VIPs! (According to Twitter, only "highly sought users" get the signature blue check mark next to their handle.) Guess all that "Girl Meets World" casting news had tweeters chirping loud enough to put the former co-stars front and center!

In case you never looked at the series' end credits, Rider Strong is the actor behind Shawn Hunter--not a porno star, like his name might suggest. Followers actually mocked the sexy moniker in 140 character or less, but Rider rolled with the punches, tweeting, "Verified by Twitter! My handle is no longer a Doors song. Now it's just my good ol' plain and simple pornographic name."

Danielle credited her sitcom hubby saying, "Thanks to @BenSavage and the nice people at Twitter, I am finally verified!! YAY-OH HAPPY DAY! :)"

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Photos courtesy of @daniellefishel and @riderstrong