The Guys Have A Sit-down With Jionni On 'Jersey Shore' [Sneak Peek]

Uh oh, when the cigars come out, you know the "Jersey Shore" guys mean business. Snooki's housemates channel "The Godfather" in this sneak peek from tonight's episode, and that can only create one thing: testosterone! The guidos have been dancing around that whole matter of Vinny's and Mike's dalliances with a certain meatball, and it seems they're finally sitting down to hash things out. Cheers to growing up!

While Ron's more concerned with Jionni's capability as a husband and baby daddy ("We wanna know what he's gonna do with our little Schnooki," he says in his best Brando voice), Vin and Mike's issues run deeper. The two are Eskimo brothers with Jionni, which has led to a helluva lot of weird situations as of late--like them cowering in the corner during Nicole's shower. "It's an unorthodox sit-down, because most of the guys have hooked up with the fiancé. Awkward!" Mike says in the clip. Uh, ya think?! At least the whole crew is trying to straighten out their strange sitch--but the damage could already be done.

Check out the video, and don't forget to tune in tonight at 10/9c to see if the bros can put water under the bridge and finally welcome Jionni to the family.

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