Little Lorenzo Greets Snooki's Housemates With A Flip Of The Bird [Sneak Peek]

Though infants can be a challenge--Hazmat suits are a blessing when it comes to diaper changes--babies are typically literal (not figurative) s**t stirrers. Except little Lorenzo LaValle! He wouldn't be his mother's son if he didn't make waves, even in utero. In the sneak peek of tonight's all-new "Jersey Shore" below, Snooki's soon-to-be child greets the ladies by casually flipping them the bird. Wouldn't expect anything less, 'Enzo!

A beautiful, tender moment, in which Deena and Sammi say hello to Lorenzo for the first time (remember, JWOWW and her godson have already been acquainted) turns vulgar in the clip. While most folks count fingers and toes during sonograms, the "Shore" gals zero in on 'Enzo's manhood, of course. "That's pretty large," Jenni points out as the doc hovers over the baby's member with her computer cursor. Also quite large? The kid's middle finger, which could be spotted sticking up straight from space. "I need that picture--you need doubles!" Jenni, the world's coolest godmother, says. Looks like Lorenzo's ready to enter this world with a big ol' "f**k you!"

+ Check out the video, and tune in to an all-new "Jersey Shore" tonight at 10/9c!

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