How To Throw Your Own Meatball 'Shore Shower'!

The ladies went to great lengths during last week's "Jersey Shore" to ensure Snooki's shower went off without a hiccup. Despite a hungover Jenni running the show, a baffled Deena fondling tissue paper décor and an über-awkward Vinny/Jionni/Mike hook-up triangle, it's safe to say that Nicole was both delighted and surprised with her little Lorenzo baby bash in Seaside. And now, you can duplicate the fun with these presents perfect for a mini-meatball (leopard-print sneakers!), as well as our ultimate tips for the most spectacular Shore shower ever:

Reserve a room at a top-notch Italian restaurant. Rivoli's (or, Rivoli's) may as well be an honorary "Jersey Shore" cast member at this point--it's been the scene of more awkward encounters than Pauly D's stalker. First, there was Mike's official DTR with Paula, and now a possible MV (no P) confrontation with Jionni (to be determined on tonight's episode). No Rivoli's near you? There's always Olive Garden.

Bring the bros. Everything's more fun when Mars and Venus mix, so make it a co-ed party that includes the baby daddy. Just maaaaybe refrain from inviting the guest-of-honor's past hook-ups.

Load up on the mocktails. Replace the Ron-Ron Juice with these delish non-alcoholic bevs, mixed in with a little Snooki Wild Cherry Soda. Oh, and a Skittles candy bar couldn't hurt either...just sayin'.

Opt for animal-print or beach-themed decorations. Your bestie may be a pregnant meatball, but if she's anything like Snooks, she still likes to show her wild side! Left to right, above: Tropical Beach Baby Shower Invitations, $40 for set of 25 at Lil' Duck Duck; Blue Safari Baby Shower Deluxe Party Kit, $50 at Party City; Kate Aspen Sand and Shell Candle Holder, $35 for set of 12 at Target.

+ How does Snooki's shore shower end? Will Vinny and Jionni (gasp!) battle it out in the Rivoli's parking lot? Will Mike finally smooth things over? So many questions... Find out on tonight's all-new "Jersey Shore" at 10/9c!

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