'Catfish''s Matt Explains Why He's Strictly Single In A Catch-up With Nev [Video]

Though "Catfish" is still in its infancy, we've already come to expect its inclusion of fiery face-to-face confrontations between online daters. So after the first two airings proved just how deceitful some folks can be, it was heartening to meet Matt who--though heavier than he led his fellow flirt Kim to believe--had no ulterior motives in his quest to connect with someone he really loved. Nev recently checked in with the favorite among viewers, and after Matt shared his astounding weight loss progress (160 pounds so far!), he brought us up to speed on why he's strictly single for the time being.

"Once I better myself, and I'm happy, I can then truly make someone else happy," Matt tells Nev via video chat in the follow-up interview below. Matt says his appearance on the show hasn't dissuaded him from trying to date online in the future, and though things didn't pan out with Kim as planned, he hasn't counted her out as a future romantic prospect. Either way, though, he's all about self-improvement until he feels comfortable enough to branch out again.

"Apparently there's a lot of girls out there that want to love me, but that's gonna have to wait awhile," he says. Heartbreaker!

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