J.B. Smoove Channels 'The Brady Bunch' On 'Hip Hop Squares' [Bonus Scene]

Sitting dead center of the "Hip Hop Squares" set implies a sense of importance, but now it even has J.B. Smoove feeling like he's fathered his fellow Xs and Os. The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" comic characterizes being surrounded by stars at every angle as a "crazy version of 'The Brady Bunch'" in the bonus clip below.

And though J.B. fancies himself the Mike Brady of the modern day "Bunch," we have to point out--Alice was OG center square! At least, in their '70s-style tic-tac-toe board. Either way, Smoove can't quite get a hold of his new daddy duties, adding, "There are too many damn kids running around!" We admit, six celeb kiddos can be a lot to handle. Maybe watching an episode or two of "Teen Mom" can help him manage the brood?

+ Check out J.B. Smoove talking about being the center of attention, and watch new episodes of "Hip Hop Squares" Tuesday nights on MTV2 at 11/10c

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