Next On 'Catfish': A Single Dad Hopes He And His Online Crush Are Truly In Tune

Get ready to root for the lovestruck underdog! On the next episode of "Catfish," we'll see a single father named Jarrod--whose heart shattered when his child's mother left him--struggle to reclaim the love he lost. He has high hopes for a connection he's forged with a woman named Abby that he met on Facebook, but he's put so much pressure on the relationship that he's ready to crack. If Abby turns out to be anything other than the woman of his dreams, it could spell disaster.

"I love Abby," Jarrod tells Nev upon their meeting in the 10-minute sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode below. "She accepts me for the musician-single dad that I am." Jarrod goes on to tell Nev how devastating his divorce was, and how difficult it's been for him to find love at all through the years as his school's "outcast." Abby, he says, has proven to be someone who could restore his hope, and has sparked a certain romance in Jarrod that has been dormant for awhile.

"I've sat on the sidelines for so many years and just watched the happy couples walk by," he says. "And that's why with her, I'm so emotional about it."

+ Check out the clip, and see if the nice guy gets the girl Monday night at 11/10c on MTV!

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