What Would The 'Teen Mom 2' Moms Do If Their Kids Got Pregnant At 16? [Video]

Talk about a blindside! On tonight's "Teen Mom 2: A Closer Look," SuChin Pak asked a scary hypothetical question on behalf of a fan: What would the "Teen Mom 2" cast members say to their kids if they came home at 16 and announced "Mom, I'm pregnant," or, "Mom, I got my girlfriend pregnant?" The four young mothers shuddered at the possibility.

"I can't even imagine that happening," Chelsea answered immediately, looking like a deer in headlights. We don't think anyone ever sees it coming, Chels! SuChin joked back, "That's what your dad thinks, by the way! Every day." But the girls got more serious when they pondered the question further. "I would tell [Jace] he better go get a job, because he's gonna to be paying child support," Jenelle said before trailing off. "I--I don't know what I would do," she finally finished. After some quiet contemplation, Kailyn chimed in with a very good point: "If Isaac sees all this footage and then still gets a girl pregnant? I mean, that's a problem."

Using the show as an ultimate deterrent for teen pregnancy? That's the idea, y'all. Rewatch the convo:

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