'Teen Mom 2' Twins Say 'Cheese' For Santa [Photos]

There's no way these candy-cane cuties are getting coal this year!

The MTV family are certainly getting into the holiday spirit, recently spreading their cheer across social media. First there was Snooki with Baby Lorenzo, then Chelsea and Aubree of "Teen Mom 2," and now it's fellow mama Leah and her kids' turn! The "TM2" castie shared the above picture-perfect moment on her official Facebook page Sunday, and between the stockings, tutus and I <3 Santa shirts, it looks like the twins popped right out of Santa's workshop!

Luckily for the girls, the presents already seem to be coming. Today, Leah tweeted the pic below of Aleeah wearing a crown found in a Christmas/Birthday tote (we want one!) and said she was prancing around announcing, "Mommy look I is a Princess." Come Christmas morning, there'll be plenty more where that came from. (And we'll be posting the aww-worthy photo proof, 'course!)

She does look like a princess! 

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Photos: Leah & Jeremy's Facebook and @TM2LeahDawn

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