MTV's Sexiest Shirtless Moments of 2012!

This one's for the ladies, y'all! From late-night fun featuring "Challenge" beefcakes to shirtless gaming from the guy who (naturally) won Jenna Hamilton's heart, we're sharing the best scantily clad moments from the past year. There's plenty more Best Of 2012 lists to sift through, but for now, feast your eyes on five magical, skintastic clips. And unashamed droolers, you may want to keep a Keeenex handy:

Sexy Shirtless Moment: Matty unveils his WOW-worthy abs.

Show: "Awkward."

Look. We know that video games take a lot out of a person. DDR is the most cardio some people ever get. So when Matty stripped down in the middle of what was supposed to be a friendly (and not sexy) competition between him, Jake and Jenna, his former fling could barely contain her awe. And we were right there with her. (He's 18, right?)

Shirtless Moment: Carly's buff boyfriend dominates a food fight.

Show: "The Inbetweeners"

Simon's epic quest to charm Carly was the thread that strung together "The Inbetweeners." One of his tactics was to show his softer side by starting a cooking club, but too bad Carly's much manlier boyfriend--and his rock-hard body--joined in on the fun. During the food fight that ensued, Simon's pain was our pleasure, as we got to watch Carly's chiseled chef wield a SuperSoaker in slow-mo. Nope, no complaints here!

Shirtless Moment: "Morgeous," the infamous boardwalk flasher. (OK, OK, this one's more for the guys.)

Show: "Jersey Shore"

What would a shirtless moments list be without a "Jersey Shore" mention? But this time we're throwing in a twist, since by now you've surely got all of the male cast members' chest tattoos memorized. Little has been known to shock MVP & Co., but one woman brought back their idealism when she flashed her ta-tas...and then her koo-kah...on command. Morgan was hence deemed "Morgeous."

Shirtless Moment: Zach and Frank's teensy-weensy Speedo show.

Show: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"

The San Diego bros may not always see eye to eye, but when they do, we benefit--in the form of hot pink Speedos. At the beginning of "BOTS," the former enemies showed off their new status as besties by putting on matching bikini bottoms. But it didn't end there. The two proceeded to stripper grind on all of the girls and, well, each other. If only all sexy men buried the hatchet this way!

Sexy Shirtless Moment: Jay's mermaid-turned-sea monster hot tub romp.

Show: "The Inbetweeners"

So Jay may not be your typical hunk, but his shameless attempt at a mechanical BJ is forever emblazoned in our minds. The most vile outspoken "Inbetweener" got his junk stuck inside a hot tub water jet because he wanted to know what it'd feel like to get f***ed by a mermaid, but instead of cozying up with Ariel, he felt the same pain he would if Sebastian's crab claw intervened. Next time, Jay, try...actually, just don't let there be a next time.

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