Vinny And Sitch Get Some Air To Escape Tension With Jionni [Bonus Scene]

Most friends share simple things like clothes, or a sense of humor. But some friends (Vinny and Mike, for instance) share other previous hookups. Two-thirds of MVP sort over their romantic pasts with a not-exactly-single Snooki in a bonus scene from the most recent "Jersey Shore." While Mike might have been totally forthcoming with Nicole's boyfriend after the infamous "did they/didn't they" debacle, Vinny says he wants nothing less than to engage in a heart-to-heart with Jionni.

Mike and Vin step outside Snooks' baby shower to discuss how to deal with the Jionni-sized elephant in the room. "I don’t want to approach Jionni. I don’t want to talk to him--I don’t want any drama," Vinny says in an interview about the gossipy convo. “Mike wanted drama. That’s why Jionni doesn't like Mike." Vinny's previously mentioned that he has only considered clearing things up with Jionni to preserve his friendship with Nicole, but is tired of feeling like a bad guy for hooking up with her. She assured him she was single at the time, after all!

+ Check out the clip below, tell us if you think Vinny should be forgiven and stay tuned for this week's "Jersey Shore," when Vinny and Jionni finally talk face-to-face.

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