Chelsea Flips Her Lid After Meeting Dierks Bentley [Bonus Scene]

Question: What's the easiest way to get over a fight with your maybe-boyfriend? Answer: Meet (and hug!) country crooner Dierks Bentley before his big concert! It sure works for Chelsea in this bonus scene from tonight's "Teen Mom 2."

Seconds before walking over to the strapping singer, Chels laments, "I don't wanna be, like, that loser that cries!" Oh, girl, we feel you. Coming face to face with your idols can lead to mascara-stained tears (we're looking at you, Beliebers)! Luckily, the young mother and her dolled-up friends are able to suppress the tidal waves as they answer every single one of Bentley's questions in unison, mono-syllabic words flowing freely from their collective Bentlever ('ll catch on!) hive mind.

The day, however, would not be complete without a photo memento and a bit of Adam bashing. One of her friends asks, "Aren't you glad Adam didn't stop you from meeting Dierks Bentley?!" Chelsea doesn't even entertain an answer, still reeling from her interaction with the scruffy superstar. Alas, Adam is vapor.

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