Snooki 'Needs' Some New Ink...Any Suggestions?

Snooki wants a new tattoo! Got any ideas?

We were nearly knocked out of our chairs earlier this year when Snooki took to the cosmos with a new star-studded tattoo (only a few months after an etched-in crown crept up her shoulder), but the bucketfuls of body art have not satisfied the "Jersey Shore" meatball's taste for ink, and she says she's ready for another! Nicole recently took to Twitter to announce "Love my tattoos #needmore," and though we're certainly on board (tattooing is pretty much a guidette prerequisite, after all...), we want to make sure she's got all of her options out on the table before deciding on her next design.

So...what do YOU think? Should Snooks keep up with her animal-print trend, and go for some gator bumps to complement her zebra stripes and leopard spots? Or what about a pickle over her heart (like we previously recommended)? On the other hand, a commemorative baby birth date is always a classic choice--and who wouldn't want to see a Baby Lorenzo handprint beside the numbers 8-26-12?! If all else fails, "PARTY'S HERE!" (perhaps in Asian lettering?) could do wonders for the small of her back. Just spit-ballin' here, folks.

+ Snooki's not your run-of-the-mill chick, and Cupid's arrow or a "MOM" emblem simply won't do, so send your best ideas our way!

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki