Sitch Finally Apologized To Snooki! But Was It Enough To Earn Him A Wedding Invite? [Video]

Well it's about time, mister.

After countless empty peace offerings in the form of compliments, a tricked-out stroller and, of course, breakfast sandwiches, Sitch finally gave Snooki the one and only thing that could earn her forgiveness: an actual apology. Those two little words--"I'm sorry"--delivered with genuine remorse were a "Jersey Shore" game-changer on tonight's episode, effectively ending a feud that dated back to Season 4, when Mike declared to the world at large that he'd hooked up with Nicole while she was dating her now fiancé Jionni. Oh, the havoc it wreaked!

Snooks vowed to never again call the guy her friend, but with Mike's post-rehab turnaround and her own kick-start into maturity (unplanned pregnancy will do that), a reconciliation seemed imminent. AS LONG AS HE FREAKIN' MANNED UP AND APOLOGIZED! "That's all I wanted from day 1," she tells Kenny Santucci in the "Jersey Shore Hook-up" clip below. "I didn't want him to buy me presents, I didn't want him to suck up to me saying how good I look...I wanted to have this conversation."

From where we stood, Mike seemed sincere, and Snooks seemed relieved to put the beef behind her. But that just leaves one question: Did he make the wedding guest list? "Um...I'm still not sure about that," she says in response to Kenny's dutiful prying. "But I would like him to come. I would like to invite him, but it's still weird." Translation: Jionni doesn't want him there.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Mike deserves an invite to Snooki and Jionni's nuptials.

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