MTV Twitter Roundup: #catfish Is The Hash-Tag Of Champions!

No floundering (FISH PUNS!) here: "Catfish" is a bona fide hit. The show that helps determined young lovers get to the bottom of their confusing online relationships has viewers captivated--MTV talent included! Pauly D, for one, was on the edge of his seat during this week's episode. And Jasmine from "The Challenge" didn't just get off on all of the Sherlock Holmes-ing--girl was vocal about wanting to give series creator Nev a good Facebook poke!

Elsewhere on the site, Ashley Rickards defected from Camp Blonde (welcome back, Jenna Hamilton!), while Deena Nicole's pup fell face-first into the meatball's bust, finally answering the age-old question: "You like the boobs?" Plus, Trishelle defended her choice to side-step The Arena on "Battle Of The Seasons," while fellow outcast Angelina sounded off on her attempt to make nice with the "Jersey Shore" cast. Can't win 'em all, Ang...

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say this week!

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