MVP Revive Their Handshake, Talk Different Chick-Hunting Roles [Video]

In a few weeks, the curtain will close on "Jersey Shore," but the show's impact on pop culture will be studied for years to come. College textbooks featuring the history of GTL and MVP are bound to show up in campus bookstores across America, and we bet some of them will contain MikeVinny and Pauly D's  "Jersey Shore After Hours" discussion about their distinct roles as each other's wingmen.

"We're all so different," Vin says in this video clip from the show after describing Mike as the hunter, Pauly as the intriguing comedian and Vinny as the non-creepy deal-sealer at the club. "I don't think anyone works like us in the world." And though the three friends have come up short lately, they're not losing hope. "It only makes you that much stronger," Pauly says, sure the c***-blocks in his way will crumble and lead back to the sexual promiscuity we've come to know and love. Always be mindful of your goals, kids.

+ Check out the segment, where the trio revives the handshake that first cemented them as an entity, and share your favorite MVP memory!

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