Roger And Ronnie Exchange Sexual Innuendo On Twitter

Roger takes a bite of his bologna.

Looks like someone's after Jenni's man! "Jersey Shore" bros Ronnie and Roger have been tight since Season 3, but we only just realized the extent of their, uh, bond. Today on Twitter, R&R channeled Hollywood's leading men (and Oscar Mayer lunch meat) to profess their love for one another--which, really, is how all good PDA should start.

The second Roger quoted "Jerry Maguire" (and "The Sixth Sense," because ghosts need love too), we knew the back-and-forth banter was gonna get real stoopid. "@MTVRonnie You complete me. You had me at hello. I see dead people," he tweeted at the juicehead ying to his gorilla yang. Ronnie shot back with a "John Q" reference that tugged at our heart strings the same as it did back in 2002: "There’s no goodbyes only ill see you later!!!" Hopefully all of this movie-quoting will lead to some Nora Ephron one-liners in Roger's wedding vows!

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Photo: @MTVRonnie