That's What You Said...About Barbara's Choice To Leave Jenelle In Jail

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Sadly, a life on the wrong side of the law is something Jenelle from "Teen Mom 2" has become all too familiar with. Her constant compulsion to smoke pot has led to arrests, court hearings and--the scariest of all--epic blowouts with her mom, Barbara. Though Babs isn't shy about expressing her disappointment in Jenelle, she's always been there when her daughter's back has been against the wall. That is, until this week, when Jenelle's arrest for violating her probation terms didn't get a sliver of sympathy from her mom, who refused to post bail. "The hell with you, sit in jail, I'm not coming," were her exact words.

It wasn't a huge surprise that fans had a ton to say about Jenelle's arrest, and whether Barbara should have bailed her out. Take a look at what viewers told us on Remote Control and Facebook, and let us know what you think, too!

Remote Control:

"Jenelle needs to seriously get a grip. Everyone makes mistakes--we are all human. But there are some mistakes that you can prevent! Smoking pot is a choice. If you are on probation and one little mess-up can send you to prison, you need to take that as a reality check and get yourself in line!" -- Missy

"Jenelle reminds me of a family member who went down the same path of getting arrested and doing drugs, and she also had a little son. Her son will never get to use the word mom, or know what it truly means to have a mother-son relationship. Jenelle: Always choose your son and life. You never know when it could be too late." -- Melinda

"The fact that her determining factor of when to go to jail was whether she could make the Ke$ha concert--and not her son--should give you the answer." -- MoonRosePetal


"I highly agree with Jenelle's mom not going to get her. This should help Jenelle not only mature a bit, but realize her mother is not always going to be there and put up with her poor choices." -- Antonia M.

"Sometimes that's the only way our kids learn--even if it breaks our hearts--is to not help them." -- Griz S.

"I think Barbara should just cut Jenelle out completely and let her sink or swim. Jenelle doesn't deserve any more chances, and she's hurting Jace." -- Jorie T.

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