Snooki Defends Her Baby Daddy's Whereabouts [Video]

The "Jersey Shore" gals had a lot to say about Jionni's role as father-to-be on tonight's episode (namely, that he'd been neglecting it), but we can chalk up the gossip to a case of confusion, according to Nicole in the "Jersey Shore Hook-up" clip below.

"When I wasn't in the house, everyone didn't know what I was doing," Snooki says. "So I've seen Jionni a lot, but they didn't know that." Vinny and Ronnie--who criticized Nicole's beau in Seaside--now get the picture, but Vin still feels Jionni's softball excursion seemed a little self-indulgent with a pregnant fiancé back at home. "I think when he went to Florida, it kind of gave everyone a bad taste in their mouth," he comments. Naturally, the double entendre triggers a case of the giggles amongst the group, quite possibly preventing Nicole from clawing out the kid's eyeballs.

+ Check out the video, plus tell us if you think Jionni's been around enough for his baby mama.

Is Jionni around enough for Nicole during her pregnancy?

  • Yes! Her explanation makes sense.
  • No, the gang was right. Where has he been?!

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