Team Meatball Fail To Properly Define 'Fellatio' [Video]

Andy Cohen with the ladies of "Jersey Shore."

The "Jersey Shore" gang are pros at inventing catchy slang, but formulating sentences using words from the real, English dictionary can sometimes pose a challenge. Enter Andy Cohen, host of "Watch What Happens Live." Seaside Heights' fearless female foursome made an appearance last night on the Bravo talk show, and Andy thought it'd be neat to have Deena and Snooks square off  in a battle of the minds. You can see where this is going...

The premise of "Encyclodeenia vs. Snook-o-pedia" was simple: Have Sammi and JWOWW guess whether or not Snooki and Deena could define SAT-level words, such as "ambiguous" and "fellatio" (you'd think they'd all know that one with how much the Smush Room gets used). Midway into the game, Jenni and Sam lost faith in their teammates, but it was hard not to blame 'em after Deena guessed that "carnivorous" is a "dinosaur" and Snooki described "halitosis" as "hocus pocus magic."

Ultimately, Team Meatball didn't fare too well, although Deena scored one point for nailing the word "hypothesis." Whatever--the  game wreaked of guidette discrimination.

Check it out:

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