Angelina Who? Vinny, Snooki And Ronnie Say They Forgave-And-Forgot Her Long Ago [Video]

Time does heal wounds, but evidently, Angelina Pivarnick isn't ready to accept that her ex-housemates have forgiven, forgotten and moved on since they last saw her in Miami. "Crickets" is Snooki's immediate response when asked by "Hook-up" host Kenny Santucci to comment on her former sparring partner's "Jersey Shore" cameo, and Ronnie and Vinny concur in the clip below. After Vin is teased by his GTL cohort for having an imaginary secret relationship with his one-time hate-fling, the most gentle-natured of the guidos ponders a guess as to why she apologized numerous times at the club for her past evils: "I guess she feels this animosity from us to her, like we care and we hate her, but the truth is, we really don't. We didn't think of her 'til we saw her."

The group consensus seems to be that Ang was just looking for a televised last-minute redemption, but, alas, she was wasting her breath. "The second she walked out that door the second time, we were like, 'alright, that's it, bye,'" says Ron. Still, his disinterest didn't prevent him from watching Angelina's featured role in VH1's "Couple's Therapy." Maybe that's where she was inspired to make amends? Nahhh.

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