Deena Logic: Sleeping Naked Yields Bugs In Your Koo-Kah [Sneak Peek]

You know that urban legend about spiders crawling in your mouth while you sleep? Well, Deena seems to think it applies to all bodily orifices in this sneak peek of tonight's "Jersey Shore." When the newly-subdued meatballs are out for a meal, Snooks asks Deena to accompany her to the baby store. Too bad her housemates bought the place out already in preparation for her surprise shower! In an attempt to deflect the mom-to-be from discussing any more baby stuff, she brings up bedtime attire. Because what else would you talk about at dinner?

"I love sleeping in just, like, shorts." Point to D for the successful transition! "I wish I could sleep naked." Snooki replies. Don't we all? Er, not quite. Deena happens to believe that snoozing in the buff could lead to more sinister things. "What if something crawls in, like a bug?" A valid concern, if Seaside Heights was in the middle of the jungle. The only bugs she needs to worry about are her pesky roommates!

Check out the clip below, and don't miss tonight's all-new "Jersey Shore" at 10/9c!

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