The 'Jersey Shore' Girls Plot A Jionni-Confrontation [Sneak Peek]

It takes two people to make a baby (Thursday morning anatomy lessons!), but when it comes to Snooki and Jionni, the "Jersey Shore" gals only think one is serious about becoming a new parent. Deena, JWOWW and Sammi discuss their annoyance with Jionni's flaky fathering in the sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode. And he better watch his back! Jenni says that if Nicole's beau doesn't shape up, she has plans to knock him out (figuratively, at least).

Among crepe paper orbs, stork streamers and a whole 'lotta pastel blue, the girls struggle to get the perfect party arranged in the clip below. "It's, like, a huge ordeal," D says as she fumbles for the English instructions to a set of decorative pom poms. The conversation takes a more serious turn, though, when the girls gab about Jionni's choice to head to Florida for some softball instead of spending time with his baby mama. "I definitely feel like Jionni's not been there for Nicole lately," Jenni says. "I really want him to start participating, which, a.k.a., means get your ass here more."

+ Check out the video, and tune into "Jersey Shore" tonight at 10/9c for one of the last few episodes EVER!

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