'Teen Mom' Toddlers Get Their Kicks Out Of Mom [Photos]

Aubree modeling mom's shoes. One day, kid.

It seems "Teen Mom 2" cutie, Aubree, can't wait to grow up. Mostly so she can fit into a certain pair of black suede wedges. "She's rocking these all over the house," Chelsea tweeted, sharing a shot of her kiddo in her kicks. Ah, if only they made the teetering heels in tot size! Our advice to sprout bigger feet ASAP? Eat lots and lots of vegetables, Aubs.

"Teen Mom"'s budding fashionista, Bentley, on the other hand, need not try on his mom's shoes. Why? Because he scored a pair of matching mother-son sneaks in his very own size! The doted-on darling--who stepped out in designer jeans last month--donned red Converse alongside Maci. "Benny matching me everyday, every color! #chucks," she shared. Hmmm maybe Aubree should raid Benny's closet next! Jeans and Converse? Talk about the perf playground attire. And if the shoe fits...

Maci and Bentley play footsie!

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Photos courtesy of @ChelseaHouska and @MaciBookoutMTV

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