Evan And Paula Say The 'BOTS' Bros Are The Most Dramatic Yet [Video]

Tonya/Veronica who? Paula/Laurel what? There aren't so many cat fights this time around on "The Challenge," and as far as Paula and Evan are concerned, it's the guys who earn the title of "Battle Of The Seasons"' Most Dramatic. On tonight's episode, a house-wide brawl that echoed across the expanse of Turkey left the cast's house in shambles, but in terms of atypical developments, it's that it was mostly the men's (un)doing. "Usually it's the girls that are falling into bushes" during squabbles, Evan points out in the Screening Room clip below.

The game vets--no strangers to the dramatic--have kindly broken down Episode 9's gang war, and though both notice there seems to have been a different fight in every corner, Evan manages to find the connective thread. "That's the commonality--no one on 'The Challenge' likes to be ignored," he says in the included video. And as far as the storm's center--Frank vs. Dustin--is concerned, both have their money on Frank, as he has the power of "crazy" on his side, Paula says. But does it stand up to paper and rock?

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you're surprised to see the guys getting down and dirty this time around.

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