What If Molly Tarlov Had A Lavender 'Do?

A re-imagined Sadie channeling Barney's color scheme.

With all of the "Awkward" gals changing up their looks left and right--we're talking to you, Ashley Rickards and Jessica Lu--we shouldn't be surprised to see Molly Tarlov tweeting about wanting a funkier hairstyle. "Every day I wake up hoping my hair's lavender," the actress mused to her followers this afternoon. (Hmm, does someone have a girl crush on Kelly Osbourne??)

Wellll, Ms. Tarlov...you're in luck! We love the wondrous magic of PhotoShop, and though we'd never claim to be pros at digital retouching, we took the liberty of giving Sadie a virtual makeover using the most daring of hues. (Except for maybe this.)

+ So whaddya think: Could Molly/Sadie totally pull off that punk-rock color? Sound off in the comments!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer