Kailyn And Jo Argue Over Custody Of Isaac [Sneak Peek]

It appears as if Kailyn's had enough of Jo's late-night shenanigans. In this sneak peek of Monday's all-new "Teen Mom 2," Kail puts the wheels in motion to alter Isaac's custody agreement so she can have more time with him. It's a move that Jo is understandably upset about, but her motives aren't completely unfounded. Jo's been on thin ice lately because he's been bringing Isaac around Vee, and when Kail found out (through some expert Facebook stalking) that Jo's hard partying was cutting into his allotted time with Isaac, she decided enough was enough.

On the last episode, Kail filed to split weekends with Jo rather than give up her son every weekend as originally planned, and in the clip below, the exes have a tense face-to-face follow-up. "I really don't want your dad to be mad at me," the young mother tells Isaac before dropping him off with Jo's father. "Uh oh..." Isaac aptly (and adorably) replies. But before Kail can make a clean getaway, Jo pops up and the two get into it. "It's a mediation, and nothing's going to happen unless we both agree on it," he explains about their upcoming legal meeting. As Isaac would say, uh oh... someone knows his custody rights.

+ Do you think Kailyn and Jo can come to an amicable agreement? Check out the fight, and don't forget to tune in for the next episode of "Teen Mom 2" on Monday, Dec. 3 at 10/9c to find out what happens!

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