How Does The 'Teen Mom 2' Cast Deal With Internet Backlash? [Video]

When you're a public figure like the "Teen Mom 2" cast members, the Internet can be full of harsh criticism. Opinions of Leah, Jenelle, Kailyn and Chelsea can vary from encouraging to outright mean, possibly because it's easy for viewers to forget that these girls are real people with real feelings. So, when SuChin Pak asked the moms (all of whom are very active on Twitter) on "Teen Mom 2: A Closer Look" how they deal with the social media peanut gallery, they had plenty to say. "If you don't ignore it, it's gonna destroy you," Jenelle immediately chimed in.

Fortunately, all four cast members are close friends, acting as each other's biggest supporters. And if they fail to cheer one another up, hey, they can always just obliterate their accounts, like Kail did: "I deleted mine from all the hate," she explains of her now defunct Facebook page in the clip below. "I would just spend too much time looking at what people would say, so I was like 'eliminate this.'" SuChin is extremely impressed, and so are we. No matter how many times we resolve to break up with Facebook, we simply can't summon the willpower. Way to kick the habit, Kail!

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