'Catfish' Sneak Peek: Single Mom Jasmine Hopes Mike Will Be The Man Of Her Dreams

With seasons upon seasons of "Teen Mom" having aired on MTV, we're all too familiar with the struggles young parents face. Finances are tough to manage and custody battles can be grueling, but sometimes the loneliness of raising a child solo can be the most trying challenge of all. On the next "Catfish," a young mother named Jasmine has found comfort in a fellow single parent named Mike. Though she loves that he understands exactly what she's going through, she's confused about why he's so resistant to meet her--even though he lives only 15 minutes away.

Max and Nev get down to business in the 10-minute sneak peek of the next episode below, and vow to help Jasmine straighten things out. "I don't have my son's father around, and he can make me feel at home," she says of Mike, who's told her he's a model scout that's always on the go. "It's about having someone that cares for you--loves you for who you are." Sounds like Jasmine's fallen hard--let's hope her feelings aren't in vain!

+ Think Jasmine and Mike will be the first "Catfish" story to end with a happily ever after? Take a look at the clip, and tune in Monday night at 11/10c to see how it all pans out!

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