The 'Jersey Shore' Gorillas Man Up Around The House

What has gotten into the "Jersey Shore" cast?! These days, the formerly rambunctious group looks more at home in the kitchen than the club. Last week, spunky meatballs Deena and Snooks showed off their domestic side, and now the gorillas are playing house, too.

Yesterday, Pauly D proved he's anal-retentive about so much more than just his hair when he tweeted, "Ok So My OCD Has Gotten Worse !!! I'm Now Ironing My Duvet Cover !! WTF ???" Cut to two hours later--the bachelor was still doing housework. "A Little GTC Today ,,, Gym , Tan , Clean My Counter Tops ... #Imakeagoodhousewife," shared the meathead-turned-maid. No word on whether or not Sitch and Vin approve of the new (and improved?) acronym, but we're sure fellow guido Ronnie digs it--he's on board the domesticity train, too! "Cooking dinner.. #FiletMignon," Sammi's bf updated over the weekend.

Men that cook and clean? Yes please! But the new GTC slogan leaves us wondering just one thing: Who's doing the laundry?

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