'Underemployed' Poll: Should Lou Have Come Clean About His Workplace Romp?

Some people have coffee breaks to get through their work day. On the most recent "Underemployed," Lou had Becca. The father of a newborn (and boyfriend to Raviva) finally let his primal instincts get the better of him. After some heavy provocation from his co-worker, Lou threw caution to the wind, his trousers to the ground and did the nasty (or the nearly-nasty, at least) with his cute and clever workplace suitor... in his dad's mahogany-accented office. Oh boy...

As Raviva was no stranger to cheating (a kiss counts to some!), she insisted that she and Lou have a heart-to-heart to sort through their disconnect and strengthen their relationship. Lou, on the other hand, didn't think "the talk" was so necessary, but once he realized how far he and Raviva had drifted (after slipping up), he agreed to chat. The funny thing is: He didn't do much talking. Raviva bore her soul about why she fell for her coffee shop crush, Jamel, but Lou stayed tight-lipped and copped to zilch. As far as Raviva knew, Becca was no more of a threat than Heidi Klum.

+ What do you think--should Lou have come clean about his hook-up with Becca, or was he right to leave Raviva in the dark, at least for now?

Should Lou have told Raviva he cheated?

  • Of course! He's a hypocrite.
  • No, it would upset her too much at this point.

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