Deena Solidifies Her Meatball Status On Vh1's 'Big Morning Buzz' [Video]

There are tons of ways to define yourself as an authentic Italian. A last name ending in a vowel. Making crazy hand gestures while you talk. Tracing your heritage back to some teensy Tuscan town where they make mind-blowing Chianti. All of these are pretty typical things that solidify any person's status as a true, blue Boot descendant. But Deena, never one to shy away from a challenge, went above and beyond to prove her roots were red, white and green this morning on "Big Morning Buzz Live."

One half of Team Meatball visited the Vh1 talk show to discuss "Jersey Shore" and her new clothing and hair care lines. But most importantly, she gave every guidette in the tri-state area a run for their money by totally nailing the game "Blast In A Glass," in which she had to guess four puréed traditional Italian meals by taste-test. We've never had a calamari shake (gag), but we can't imagine it tastes as sweet as the regular ol' chocolate variety, and little D took it down with absolutely no fuss! She ended up identifying all four liquid entrees correctly--including the meatballs, of course.

No matter where Deena goes after "Jersey Shore" ends, this totally marks her place in history as the ultimate Italian blast in a glass. Salute!

Big Morning Buzz Live

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