Kim And Matt's 'Catfish' Bowling Outing Features Some Heavy Flirting [Bonus Scene]

Virtual flirts Kim and Matt didn't end their face-to-face meeting as a committed couple, but at least their time spent together on "Catfish" left them with a real bond. In this bonus scene from the most recent episode, the friends let loose while out bowling. Though their first in-person hang-out session takes some getting used to, it's clear they know each other inside and out.

Kim catches herself staring at Matt in the clip, but he's not too worried--in fact, he welcomes the social faux pas. "It's not awkward to me at all, because you're awesome," he tells Kim, the woman to whom he'd soon profess his love. "You can stare at me as much as you want." Matt puts on his best puppy-dog performance and pleads with his crush to stay, but Kim's still got some unfinished business in Michigan, as she's a committed Midwesterner for the time being. At least he's willing to Skype with her now!

+ Check out the clip below, and tell us again: Would these two make a good pair?

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