The Ladies Of 'Teen Mom 2' Reveal Their Baby Name Inspirations [Video]

Any fan of "Teen Mom 2" knows exactly who Jace, Aubree, Alianna, Aleeah and Isaac are. But where did their moms discover such unique monikers for their kiddos? On tonight's "Teen Mom 2: A Closer Look," SuChin Pak posed that very question.

Chelsea told SuChin that she went a traditional route, finding Aubree's name in a baby book. "I thought it was really cute," she says in the clip below. Jenelle scoured the web for boy names, and happened upon Jace, which she liked because she'd never heard it before. As for the twins, Leah and Corey both wanted "A" names. Aleeah was named after her mom (obviously), and they both liked the name Ali, so they tacked on an "Anna" for good measure. "I dunno, it's confusing!" she laughs while trying to explain how the twins ended up with their alliterative titles. And Kailyn? Well, turns out she was a huge Hanson fan (okay, who wasn't?), and named Isaac after the eldest brother. "Do you remember, 'Mmm Bop?'" she pleads to the other, seemingly clueless girls. They may not, but...oh, we remember.

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